Focus on creating innovative economic products

Economic Innovators

We focus on creating innovative economic products that help improve the profitability of businesses or industries.

Who Are We

Midway Consulting and Innovations is a group of economic innovators made up of professors from the Darla Moore School of Business from the University of South Carolina and an entrepreneur who is an intellectual property attorney. We focus on creating innovative economic products that help improve the profitability of businesses or industries.

We use innovative economic solutions to address complex problems providing new sources of revenue to our clients. Midway creates innovative business products and ideas to improve the profitability of our client’s business. Our economists use advanced game theory and econometrics to determine the effect these products will have on our client’s business.

Our primary focus is creating innovative products that can help improve performance of large financial institutions.

Alexander Matros

Alexander Matros is a Professor of Economics at Moore School of Business and a Professor of Economics at Lancaster University Management School. His research is in microeconomic theory, game theory, and industrial organization, particularly in the design of contests and lotteries. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Moscow State University...

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George Beighley

George Cox Beighley, Jr. is the Chairman and CEO of Midway Consulting. Mr. Beighley graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Physics with High Honors. He received his JD from the University of South Carolina and an LLM in Intellectual Property from George Washington University Law School. During his LLM program, Mr. Beighley authored a paper with commentary from several judges...

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? FAQs

Here are some common questions about Midway Consulting

Step 1: Our innovators figure out a new invention which would improve profitability across an industry or market.

Step 2: We approach leaders in the industry or market about the possibility of purchasing this information after full disclosure while protecting our intellectual property rights.

Step 3: We reach an agreement whereby if the company implements our economic methods and generates revenue we are entitled to a percentage of the revenue.

Step 4: The companies implement our methods and generate revenue.

A. We use non disclosure agreements and trade secret law to protect our work, which is standard in the industry.

B. We make certain representations in advance and reach an agreement for compensation based on these representations.

  1. If the representations are inaccurate then the agreement is of no effect.
  2. When the representations produce income for your business then we are entitled to compensation in the agreed upon amount.

A. We are not like traditional start-ups which reveal confidential business information to get investment in a business. We are not selling shares of stock or a company for you to invest in. We sell information which improves the profitability of your business, not our business.

B. We are only compensated if you implement our innovations and make money. If you don’t make any money, we get nothing.

A. The terms of the NDA are very clear that if you already possess this information then in no way do we need to be compensated unless we make a material contribution, which generates revenue.

B. In addition, we make certain initial representations about the economic effects of our innovations prior to signing an NDA, which we can substantiate with initial economic reports. If you are working on something which sounds similar that has the potential to generate as much revenue as our initial economic report, then our service might not be for you. However, if when we tell you our conservative revenue projections and you have nothing which could generate those returns then you should sign the NDA and see the economic reports and innovations so you can make an informed business decision.

A. Nothing. All that is required to see the innovations is a non-disclosure agreement related to a very specific set of claims, which define the nature of the innovation and related economic reports.

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